M is for Milo

If any of you follow me on any social media platform (@pattimurin on everything come follow me be my friend me me me), you know that I have a very special man in my life that I love more than anything. He’s loving, loyal, exceptional at cuddling, and very very hairy.

My dog, Milo.

My fiancee and I found Milo on petfinder.com at a rescue in Tennessee, and had to commit to adopting him without meeting him. He was 8 weeks old, about 2 pounds and came from a great organization called Moonshine’s Rescue. I mean, if that wasn’t a sign that this puppy was meant to be ours? Come on.

Because he was being transported from the south on a mobile veterinary unit by some incredibly generous volunteers, we had to go pick up Milo in the parking lot of a random Sheraton in Parsippany, NJ at 4:30 AM on a Saturday. Yes, you heard that right. Colin and I poured ourselves into a Zipcar and drove the 35 minutes in the dark. When we pulled in, we laughed about how much this resembled a drug deal. Not that I’ve ever taken part in a drug deal, I swear! But in all honesty, it felt a little bit sketchy, and we wondered for a second if maybe we were unwittingly contributing to the illegal sale of designer dogs as opposed to actually rescuing one from a potential life of ill treatment.

The huge truck finally showed up, right on time. As it pulled into the parking lot, people started getting out of cars all around us. A lot of people. It felt like a really heartwarming version of “The Walking Dead,” if all the zombies were really nice alive people who just wanted a new animal to love. We all formed a line outside the truck, and one by one, our new family members were brought out.

When it was our turn, I said to myself, “Remember this moment forever. This is the moment when you get your new best friend.” The door opened, and a volunteer put our little tiny Milo into my arms. He was warm and curious and I could feel his baby heart beating as he strained to see over my shoulder. He fit in my two hands, and I couldn’t believe that this little guy was ours to keep. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. So often we lose sight of what is feels like to love something unconditionally and purely, and Milo is my little living reminder that love can, and should, be uncomplicated.

Milo turns one in just a few days, and I can’t believe how fast the time is going. He’s my buddy, my bubba, my peanut. He was the perfect addition to our very new family unit, and I can’t get enough of his face. I’m sure there will be more stories about Milo in the future, because I literally can’t stop talking about him in an annoying baby voice.

Now, for fun, go back and re-read this in an annoying baby voice.

“Never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose.”IMG_3151 IMG_0143

9 thoughts on “M is for Milo

  1. This is like reliving one of my fondest memories! I got my dog, Oscar, much the same way. He was barely a month old, the breeder separated him from his mom quite early on and on seeing how he had a ton of health issues, weak kidneys, problems with eyesight etc, was just looking to unload him or just leave him by the roadside. Even as I type this my heart breaks a little. Thankfully he was rescued by one of our friends, burn in hell breeder!
    Such a rewarding experience to have him in my life, thanks for making me relive that moment when i first cradled him in my arms :))

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  2. ok done. I LOVE this .. “So often we lose sight of what is feels like to love something unconditionally and purely, and Milo is my little living reminder that love can, and should, be uncomplicated.” This is exactly what my pup has taught me 🙂

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  3. Og my GOD! I think I started loving you when I read “What I did for love”, but then I loved you more when I started reading this. I am not done yet.. going back after I comment but had to stop and say.. THANK you for rescuing a little pup from the south! I’ve been on the other end where we try to get these poor pups adopted, drive miles on end with pups in our car often complete with puppy vomit or diarrhea (it’s the little things right? 😉 ) and i LOVED what you said about this being like a shady deal because that’s EXACTLY what we girls call it here when we transport pups, food, puppy meds (some of which come with syringes haha!)
    Ok.. going back to finish your post now..

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  4. This is just the best story ever. I live in TN, and I am a volunteer with animal rescue in NC. It is so awesome that you took a chance on a little goofy southern mix-up instead of going to a breeder. He is absolutely precious. I thank all of the people up north who adopt via transport. It is a beautiful thing. And to everyone please get your pets spayed and neutered. So many stories can’t end like this one. We can change that!

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  5. Wow! I never knew that is how you got Milo. As if giving him a home wasn’t worthy enough- you totally lucked out with him, he’s absolutely adorable.
    I got my lil furry one without seeing her first- the breeder that I had gotten my first dog from was going through a divorce and having to rehome her own dogs. So I agreed to take Evie, a 2 year old without meeting her. And now six years without her, she’s my best friend!
    I can’t believe Milo is nearly one- give him a tummy tub from Evie and me.
    (And you can never post too many pics of him, he’s the cutest!)

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