January 1st

Happy New Year, friends! It is officially the first day of #PartywithPatti, so here’s what I celebrated today:


National Bloody Mary Day:

My husband and I bought all of the ingredients to enjoy this very important holiday, and we used a recipe from a cocktail book that one of our dear friends wrote: “Gone With the Gin,” by Tim Federle. As each recipe in the book is inspired by a different movie, we chose the “Bloody Mary Poppins” to kick off 2016!


Happy National Bloody Mary Day!

Yes, we did garnish it with bacon, and yes, I did wear my workout clothes to make Bloody Marys, hoping that would force me to go to the gym. Which leads us to….


New Year’s Day:

Happy 2016! I went to the gym with the worst jet lag I’ve ever had and somehow pushed through a FlyBarre class. Miraculously I did not vomit. Yay, go me. Also, a very important part of New Year’s Day is making a list of resolutions that I am most likely not going to keep. I’ll share them with you, but I warn you: I reserve the right to change my mind:

I resolve to see #PartywithPatti through to the very end!

I resolve to either take care of my body, or to stop bitching about feeling gross or unhealthy or fat when I don’t take care of it properly.

I resolve to exercise in some form 5 times a week.


That seems like enough, right? Sure! Happy New Year to all of you, and I will see you tomorrow! (And the next day, and the next day, and the next day…)


2 thoughts on “January 1st

  1. Happy New Year Patti!
    I’m in #PartywithPatti with you. The cards in each of my photos will have memories of the day written on the reverse and I’m putting them in a jar and I’ll pull a card out when I’m feeling low.
    I’m sharing my photos on Facebook and hopefully my friends will catch on… Hey, I’ve roped in 4 friends into the Minimisation Group I’ve been in since August and have stuck at it everyday since August 1 🙂 so I’m sure I’ll have some friends join the party:)
    I only have a few resolutions this year….
    Be kind to myself, mentally, physically, financially, emotionally and dietarily(?sp)
    Give my 16 year old boy all the attention and support he needs to achieve his goal of being a nurse and paramedic.
    Sponsor a rescue animal – can now tick that off as I am a proud sponsor of Gabriella the Australian Possum who was attacked by foxes or dogs.
    Continue my Minimisation Program and shed myself of the things I don’t need… And finally…
    Stick with #PartywithPatti cos we can’t have her throwing up in her own mouth now can we???

    Many blessing for you and your family for 2016!

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