“35 For 35” UPDATE!

4 and a half months ago, I made a list of 35 things I wanted to do or achieve or work on during my 35th year on this planet. “35 For 35.” Get it? So I figured it’s time to review my progress and see what I have accomplished, am working on, or just plain forgot about. Here we go!

1. No more emotional cutting.

I’m getting better. I have relapses, but I’m gonna say that I’m kinda kicking this one’s ass.

2. Send birthday cards on time to friends and family.


3. Research LASIK and get it done if possible.

Not done yet.

4. Drink sauvignon blanc in New Zealand.

Okay, this one may not happen this year, but I did drink a crap ton of wine in the Maldives, somewhere I have always wanted to go.

5. Be on a TV show.

DONE! Catch me on Chicago Med this Tuesday, February 16th at 9 EST/8 CST. They let me be a doctor!

6. Complete a draft of a TV pilot.

I started it!

7. Publish one blog a week.

With #PartyWithPatti, I think I’ve actually exceeded this one.

8. Eat a freaking cronut.


9. Commit to my year-long project and do it.

This is #PartyWithPatti. I’m doing it. It’s happening. It’s fun!

10. Read all of the books on my shelves that I have not yet read, and donate the ones I have no interest in reading.

HA HA HA HA HA HA I just bought like 4 more books in the time it took to type all those HAs.

11. Take a writing class at Second City.

May have to wait until next year.

12. Learn to like eating peppers.

I’m actually even more scared of vegetables now, after drinking carrot juice sent me into anaphylactic shock and all allergy tests were completely inconclusive.

13. Call at least one human being a day.

Checking phone records, and I think I’m doing okay on this one. Sometimes it’s not on purpose that I speak to a human, but it still counts.

14. Relearn how to speak Spanish.

Note: Start Rosetta Stone.

15. Play the clarinet again.

I just gotta find a clarinet now….

16. Learn how to cook 5 new meals.

I’m doing okay! I made Curried Chicken earlier this year, and Alfredo Mac and Cheese bites! Many more food celebration days coming up too.

17. Volunteer on some sort of wildlife rescue mission.

Note: Research this.

18. Run 5 5Ks.

I actually have to amend this one, as my left knee has been giving me a bit of a problem this year. So instead, I’m going to donate to every one of my friends who is running a marathon or half marathon this year.

19. Keep $1 in my pocket everywhere I go, so I’m always ready to give it to a homeless person.

I do okay at this! I find myself not walking right past them anymore, and if I don’t have $1, I give whatever change I can find.

20. Greatly reduce my addiction to my iPhone.

I would say I’ve reduced my addiction to it by like 4%.

21. Pay off my student loans.

I DID IT!!!!!!

22. Visit one museum per month.


23. Create photo albums.

I made our wedding album, realized how easy it is, and now have plans for more.

24. Make peace with my body image.

It’s truly getting so much better.

25. Reevaluate my relationship with alcohol.

This one goes on and off, but the awareness has been a huge step.

26. Be on Broadway again.

More on this later…STAY TUNED FOR NEWS!!!

27. Read one inspirational book per month. 

I bought like 6 more…does that count?

28. Stop apologizing for everything. 

I have improved greatly.

29. Go to the ballet and the opera.


30. Get paid actual money to write.

Not yet. Only a matter of time, right?


Getting back to my old punctual ways again!

32. Stop playing Candy Crush.

HA HA HA I actually downloaded a whole new Candy Crush game HA HA HA HA HA

33. Make exercising about enjoyment, not calorie-burning.

DONE. I found Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga, and I love it so freaking much.

34. Take a ballet class.


35. See my wine glass as always being half full.

I can honestly say that I am happier now than I have ever been in my entire life. And it isn’t about being employed, or feeling important, or being skinny. It’s because I love my life, and the people in my life. At the risk of sounding goopy and cheesy, I didn’t know happiness like this was even possible.

Now, off to find a clarinet….



8 thoughts on ““35 For 35” UPDATE!

  1. I’m sorry to say this but a had a total guffaw at #10…because I can SO relate to that. Every time I’m out with a friend and even look at books, I get this borderline scolding, raised eyebrow with the unspoken commentary: “Do you really NEED more books? REALLY?” And excuse me while I respond telepathically: “Me? Stop buying books? BWAHWAHAHAHAHHAA! That is for to laugh!!”

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  2. I was inspired by your list so, in late October, I created my own “42 for 42”! A dear friend agreed to join me (I’m in Chicago…she’s in St Louis) and we have our own Facebook page to track our progress.

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  3. Hey – thanx for sharing all that you share. You provide some of the most enjoyable content on social media. Anxious to hear this news about Broadway. Maybe I should be thinking about a 51 for 51 starting in May. And, one last thing, *DO* go find that clarinet!!! I met most of the people that I know in NY through trumpet playing.

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  4. Thanks for the update! I was inspired by your list so, in late October, I created my own “42 for 42”! A dear friend agreed to join me (I’m in Chicago…she’s in St Louis) and we have our own Facebook page to track our progress. So important to put your intentions out there…and good will come! Thanks again for the inspiration!

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